Gabriella May, the sex slave. The full movie.

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Sex slave 1 year ago
My master makes sure I worship all cocks from the time he gets home until the time he has to go to work I stay on my knees to please any cock that walks through the door
Alice 3 years ago
Who the fuck wrote the dissertation under this video??
sweetheart 2 years ago
all this vid makes me think of is how much better i could be. my moans are hotter, face is prettier, my pussy is pretty. and after all that my pussy would be dripping with cum. 4 fingers would have me screaming bc i’m too tight and she’s gently moaning? unbelievable. hmu next time
1 year ago
He shoved an entire dog toy into the dumb slut!! 3 years ago
what is this brutal guy? Can you have fun with something like that?
EddyCrumb 2 years ago
Fucked into submission. Adore cock! Female meat! Born to be filled with cum and to live for the carnality of cock.
2 years ago
any 1 wants a sex slave im here
cherryxxx 2 years ago
he is so hot
Sylton 2 years ago
That man is such a brutal beast...
Garfield 3 years ago
I want to deal much lovingly with this slut. He is just brutal and sadistic